FREE Events. Another Reason I love Seattle

The orchard next to the playground at the Good Shepard Center in Wallingford – Home to many of Seattle Tilth’s events

Our Seattle neighborhoods have so many great FREE events during the summer and even some during the darker months. Now that I am a mom I am always looking for an escape out of the house, hopefully to hear some music, lean something new and allow the kids to have new experiences. Last weekend I went to the Seattle Tilth Harvest Fair, it was buzzing with locals visiting food and craft booths, trading goodies at the back-yard-barter and lounging in the sunshine listening to melodies from the stage. Perfect place for all ages to come together and it is free. though please make a donation at the entrance… or we won’t have them anymore.

Another free event that I attended  couple times this year is Music at the Locks. Saturdays and Sundays during the summer you can bring your blanket or chair and hear various types of music while you enjoy a picnic in the grass. My kids really loved this, they could crawl around and play and most importantly, dance!

These events, because they are free, are not always so well advertised so I keep finding new ones all the time that I wasn’t aware of before. Because I live in Ballard I tend to search around the North side but I would love to visit events in other neighborhoods. Do you have favorite ones? Please let me know if I can join you!

One event that is coming up is The Fruit Tree Festival at Carkeek Park on September 15th, please let me know if you would like to join Nico, Luna and me there for some local fun.

Also, check out the RedTricycle website if you are looking for kids events. You can usually find Seattle area events listed there, like summer music, which unfortunately is over, but there is always next year!