SISU Homes

SISU Homes embodies who I am and how I do business. 

Being a Finn, I was born in Helsinki Finland, I have always known of the existence of SISU.  SISU is a hard to define term. It is often described as the inner character, or inner strength, that the Finnish people possess, which helps us push through unbearable challenges.  

History tells the stories of wartime and SISU being a major factor in the survival of the Finns.  

But this power more than that, it is a daily guide for Finnish character: an ability to control our life stress, not to focus on negative emotions and work together, as a team, to ensure a quality of life for ourselves and those around us.   

The SISU Homes Promise to my clients always includes:  

RESPECT - Respect for others, but also myself - this means living honestly and always doing the right thing. 

DETERMINATION - Understanding our goals, advancing step by step and having a winning attitude. Not giving up. 

CREATIVITY - We can usually find solutions to challenges, when we step back, stay calm and use some creativity. 


The octopus is a symbol of SISU, a magnificent creature with vast intelligence, strength, determination and creativity. This made the unusual choice a perfect fit with my company’s personality and business style. As a marketing choice, it makes people stop in their tracks. An octopus on a house for sale sign? You bet! Some days in my business I feel like an octopus, multi-tasking and often needing an extra arm or five to answer the phone. Every day is different and dynamic, and I love that! 

I am particularly inspired by sustainable building practices and the octopus is a nod to that as well. 

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