Why Should You Have a
Buyer’s Agent

It is no secret that you can find all home listings online and some agent is at reach of your click to show you any property that you want. Why should you have your ‘own’ buyer’s agent? 

Ultimately, the relationship you have with your Buyer’s Agent is one of mutual goals and trust. It takes some time for a real estate agent to truly understand her client’s needs and then build a custom strategy to get what they want. 

In my role as a Buyer’s Agent, listening is key. 

What are the needs you have right now? What might they be five years from now? What type of home fits your lifestyle? What is your budget? These are just a few of the questions that will help me find the perfect home for you.  

I only show properties that match your needs and lifestyle (let’s not waste your time) but I also have the experience to think outside the box and make suggestions. Perhaps there is a neighborhood you had not thought about or perhaps there is a home that, at the right price, could be fixed up to be your dream home. 

Expect local knowledge and answers to questions such as: What value does the house have in relation to other houses in the neighborhood? What value does the house have for your future plans? Can value be added to this home in the future? 

The market over the last few years in Seattle and surrounding areas has been tough for buyers. There are just not enough homes for sale for the current demand. However, that does not mean that we cannot find you a home that you love and that is a good investment and will fit into your financial goals. With a little patience, my experience, strategy, and negotiation techniques can help put your offer at the top.  

I welcome your questions and hope I am a good match for your Buyer’s Agent. Let’s set up a meeting. I will buy you your beverage of choice, just tell me where! 

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