Another Great Neighborhood Park – Ross Playground in Seattle

Jungle Gym at Ross Playground in Ballard

What do parks have to do with real estate? Well, everything! Many of us buy homes for the location and for families with children that means schools but also entertainment… where can we take them when we start to get cabin fever?

I have been spending the past couple months at all sorts of parks around the City. I might as well further my education about Seattle’s neighborhood offerings while I am entertaining my kids. I’ll share my thoughts about them so that if you are looking for a new park to visit, or considering purchasing a home in that area, you have some inside info.

Today we didn’t venture too far from home, sorry kids… mom had a busy work day!  But we were able to squeeze in a visit to Ross Playground in Freelard. Or Maybe it is just Ballard? Feel free to correct me. It is at 4320 4th Ave NW on the way out of Ballard, on the way to Fremont. It is a medium sized park with couple jungle-gyms,  a set of swings with one baby swing and a sandbox. There are trees that cast shade on much of the playground which I think is great for the summertime, as my kids will not be forced to wear hats and they are still pretty bald. Bathrooms are easily accessible attached to the shelter house which apparently is available as an event rental space. Oh yeah, and two baseball fields for the older kids!

My kids like the sandbox at Ross Playground

Not so bad either is that Ross Playground is not far from Uneeda Burgerwhere on a sunny fall day like today mom can get a burger and a kombucha from the tap and relax in their outdoor area. They have highchairs!

If it is sunny and warm you can sit under the blue skies in the uncovered section, it was a bit chilly so we opted for the ‘hot house’ feel of the covered area.

Uneeda beer? Or kombucha? I could not decide so I opted for both 😉