Did You Know About Atlantic?

Seattle never ceases to surprise me with it’s neighborhoods. I love it when a client of mine is super into an area where I have not spent very much time… it gives me the opportunity to thoroughly research that area and spend time there. Ballard is where I tell people I live, but really I live in Whittier. But unless you live in the area you probably don’t know all these little subsections of the greater Ballard area. Through my daily business I get to learn about the mini neighborhoods within other Seattle areas. I have been spending more and more time in Columbia City and Beacon Hill lately. I have always loved those areas. And Judkins… another great Southern option. But have you heard about Atlantic? That must me a mini-neighborhood name? It was Seattle Times’ Neighborhood of the Week a while back. If you want to read some fun articles about Seattle’s neighborhoods, look up that feature in the Times.