Donate Fruit From Your Trees

Do you have a plum tree that drops fruit all over your yard faster than you can pick and eat the fruit? I do.  I used to curse the tree for making it hard to mow, with rotting fruit under the tree. Sure, I ate a lot of the plums but it was a small fraction of the trees ample production. I thought of canning the plums, but then I would not have time to write this blog. But I hated the thought of all that fruit going to waste!

Then I discovered Lettuce Link’s Community Fruit Tree Harvest program.  Volunteers for Lettuce Link will come and pick your fruit and take it to your local food bank, shelter or other needy organization feeding hungry people. Genius!  I made a phone call and within couple days my tree was relieved of all it’s plums (minus the basket-full I wanted to keep). The program is so well organized, I receive an email every spring in anticipation of my plum crop.

I see so much fruit going to waste in Seattle, please consider donating it to the needy. It’s easy!