Have You Discovered Madrona?

Madrona is a historic neighborhood in Seattle. You may know it as a quiet neighbor of Capitol Hill or a spot where you can access the beaches of Lake Washington.  Have you spent much time there lately?  It’s worth a visit this winter to stroll down 34th Avenue and visit the restaurants, cafes, shops and wine bars. Ethan Stowell’s Red Cow is worth one dinner date for sure.

If you have ever dreamed of living in a small town, in the big city, next to the lake – Madrona is where it’s at. No need to be in the high energy and crowds when you can be this close. Enjoy your peace, tree-lined streets, walking paths to the lake. Hop in a quick Lyft when you want to go see the action.

Sound good?  You might want to live in this spectacular corner unit right in the heart of Madrona – at the very least, take a look at the photos, the rooftop deck will make you smile.  Check it out!

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