Introducing the Flat Fee Listing

Sometimes, when listing a high-end home, I get the question: “Why do I have to pay so much more for commission than a lower priced home, when I essentially get the same thing?” The answer to this question is not simple but the basic answer is that real estate agents work for free until the home is sold. Every listing is a risk for the agent. We spend lots of time and money marketing a property. If it doesn’t sell or worse, if the seller decides to take it off the market before we have a chance to try and sell it in the current market time, we end up in the negative on that business transaction. High-end homes take longer to sell and we usually end up spending more money on them. They are a larger risk!

That said, I think there can be some compromise between the amount that I as a listing agent should charge for my services and what is ‘fair’ to the seller. And hey, everyone could use to save a buck these days! I have come up with a flat-rate listing fee. If you own a house that is worth more than $400,000 then this will save you money! Under $400K? Well, I hope you would still choose to list with me due to my expertise, but if it is a deal you want, I am known to be a good negotiator. I am sure we can come to a meeting of the minds. Please see my website for more information about the flat rate listing.