Nothing Less Than Extraordinary


Our transition to Keller Williams as been amazing. It was bittersweet to leave the RE/MAX family after 14 years but several good reasons led me and my friends to make this change. Along with Dale, Erin and couple other superstars we have become Reside Real Estate Group at KW, and the team is growing!

Although we work most of our business independently we support each other, share our strategies and cover each other when we are sick, vacationing or double-booked as tends to happen in this busy market.

And do we have fun! Just this past weekend we had a lemonade stand at our West Seattle location during the farmers market to showcase our office on California Avenue. Our little helpers were there.


We are growing the team up North as well so we can have a fun bricks-and-mortar spot up my way too (I am the lonely Ballardite in the group). So if you know anyone looking to work in real estate let me know please. We want to work with agents who see teamwork as an asset, have ethics that stretch beyond the golden rule and like to cut loose and have fun with us Reside folks from time to time.  Dale is happy being the only guy but real opportunity here to balance our team out a bit 😉