Seattle ADU Resource is Here!

Are you looking for information about building a backyard cottage in Seattle?

I too have been long fascinated with all the little houses that people have been erecting all over Seattle. But how to begin?

Take a look at the new City site for Accessory Dwelling Units and Detached ADUs, or DADUs.  Click here for some really great information there to start your research and the City has finally presented a variety of already approved DADU plans, yay!

Honestly, even with these plans there is so much to know and learn before you want to make a decision. The REAL costs are not always front and center. And the City does charge a pretty penny for permits and hooking up to City sewer – so do your homework and get your calculator out!

If you have thought of purchasing a property where you can build a DADU or want to chat about your existing home plans, I always like to learn what people are doing an offer what I have already learned. Would love to hear from you too.