Seattle in the Winter – Explore Homes by the Beach

People relocating to Seattle always ask me about the weather. Does it really rain all the time?  NO, but we do get a lot of moist weather – so if it rains a bit in the morning, or drizzles in the afternoon, then it is counted as a rain day, even if the sun is shining hours later.  It can be gloomy but just as I am about to book a ticket to Hawaii the sky opens up into bright blue and there is nowhere else I would rather be.  This photo is from yesterday – a day after our ‘snowmageddon’ ended. I was happily sitting on a bench, basking in the sunshine. With a hat on, but it was not THAT cold.

Spending my teenage years in California – Santa Cruz, Capitola, drinking chai and watching surfers, I understand the California sun and Cali beach life. I miss it. But it’s not so bad here!

During the colder months the beaches are wonderfully quiet and peaceful, it’s easy to stroll and contemplate without crowds and booming stereos. Golden Gardens, the beach in the photo, is my neighborhood hang out. On a sunny day, even in the winter, it’s not rare to see a volleyball net up and a group in the midst of a game – in bathing suits! The Shilshole Bay Marina is right next door; year-round there are beautiful sailboats floating by.

The area by Golden Gardens Beach is not developed. There is a wonderful set of stairs that takes you up into the urban forest where you will find a huge off-leash dog park in the woods and plenty of trails to explore.

This is how I get to the beach, I walk about a mile from my house and descend the stairs down through the forest on to the beach. It’s magical.

Curious about real estate prices near Golden Gardens Beach?

Buy a tiny condo for $300K! For houses, on the lower end you can get smaller 2-3 bedroom townhomes or smaller 2 bedroom bungalows for for $550K – $650K.  Slightly larger homes, 1,300 sq. ft to 2,100 sq. ft in the $700K to $800K range. Some nice mid-century homes about 2,100/2,300 sq. ft. in the $850K/$875K range. The prices go up into the millions from there, especially if you want water views. Expect to pay around $900K for some water view, $1.7 Million will buy a 3,200 square foot, older home but great view, $2.3-$2.6  Million will buy larger house with amazing views. Compared to California prices, this beach location is a great buy!


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