Seattle Sewer Lines – Post Two

In my last post I wrote about Seattle sewer lines and issues that homeowners are finding in sewer scope inspections. I wanted to give a little update for the situation my buyers found in a recent sewer scope of a home they were going to buy – the scope found a crack in the sewer line right before the City connection and we thought it was a toss up whether the City would fix it or not.

The City IS going to fix it!  Great news for the seller of this home. My buyers decided not to purchase the home for various other reasons but fortunately the seller can put the home back up for sale without costly repairs.

How did this all happen?  When my clients decided not to buy the house they gave me permission to give the sewer scope report and video to the listing agent. He submitted the video to the City and after viewing the video the City decided that it would take responsibility. I did have a lengthy talk with a helpful employee of the City who told me that the goal for a homeowner is to get a letter from the City that says the City will take responsibility. This does NOT mean the City promises to fix the problem immediately. If they feel like it is not an emergency they will continue to monitor the issue and fix as needed / there are resources available.

If you are a homeowner in Seattle and you get a sewer scope where there is question of homeowner vs. City responsibility, call me (206) 412 4663, I will get you a short explanation, list of contacts and information for where to send the video.

Oh sewer is fresh on my mind….  just got back from another sewer scope for a different client. This one has dips in it, two of them, under the driveway about 8 feet deep. Oh well, better to know now than after purchase, after all NOW everything is negotiable!