The School of Silver Linings

How different life is now and it is easy to point out the negatives. But what about the positive aspects of this Covid life?  Many people are getting better at saving (to be fair – those who still are blessed with a job). I had a friend reach out recently that her bank account has grown so much from not going out or shopping that she might be able to have that downpayment for a home in the near future. We are cooking, baking, gardening, getting back to the earth. We are cleaning out the clutter – literally and figuratively. If only Goodwill didn’t have such long lines – all day long – seriously, I have driven by with my stuff for weeks and kept going after seeing the wait. It’s not concert tickets – I just want them to take my old junk! 

For me personally, I have learned to slow down some. I tend to be an over planner and I really like to see my friends, a lot. Not being able to fill my calendar has made me more peaceful and productive. Also, like many parents, I have been having to take care of my kids 100% of the time. This has made me better at time management and organization. I am making every minute count and grateful when I get some ME time. 

My real estate office has moved to my dining room so I can aid with any tech glitches the kids might have in their at-home school workspace. This is where I am typing this posting right now. I do miss being around adult humans in a work environment but I do get to see my clients – fully masked, Covid protocol followed. And there are the always Zoom meetings.

Speaking of which, I now have my laptop perched on a stack of books, my mom’s lovely painting was already hanging on the wall (now I realize it is a nice theme for a person who sells homes – no wonder I asked for it when it was displayed at her house) and I spent a good part of an hour arranging that begonia ‘just so.’ Much better than my bedroom headboard background – recent clients – you might know what I am talking about.

My neighbors and I help each other during the day if I am called out to home showings or they need to leave for errands. We are becoming even more of a community – six feet apart but together. 

I would love to hear about your home office creations, school rooms and how it is going in general with your Covid life!  Anything you have learned from all of this to make your life better in the future?   Do you need help with anything?  Can you not see any silver linings and you need me to buy you a beverage and give you a socially distanced air hug? I would love to hear from you. I am never too busy. 

Here are my little Nuggets being ever so patient – that comes and goes too. I am a pretty proud mama for their adaptability.