When is the Best Time to List a House in Seattle?

I get asked this often, when is the best month to list a house in Seattle?  It is true there is some seasonality to real estate sales, so this is something worth thinking about.  However, from my experience, the best time to list a house is when it looks the best, when it is show-room ready!  Rushing to get a not-so-shiny house on the market will probably leave more money not he table than would be gained by timing it just right.

That said, our friends at Zillow have an answer for you. No surprise springtime listings do well. May is your month! “Houses listed between May 1 and May 15 sell 20 days faster than the yearly average. They also sell for an average of $2,600 more.” 

Zillow’s Chart indicates that you don’t want to wait until July to sell your home as mid-summer, end-of-summer homes don’t fetch as higher prices. I think this is because many buyers are con vacation by that time!

This is all fun information, and if you can time it right, great!  Rest assured though that the 2016 Seattle real estate market is still a seller’s market and I don’t see much changing for the summer ahead of us!  (Sorry buyers – at least the interest rates re still very low!).