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On May 8, 2023, Governor Inslee signed HB 1110, commonly known as the “Middle Housing Bill” to address the immense lack of housing, specifically affordable housing, in WA state for the growing population. 

The bill encourages "middle housing" which which includes two to six unit complexes, townhouses, stacked flats, courtyard apartments and cottage housing built on lots currently zoned single family residential.

This affects most of WA State - how and when depends on the population size of the specific area. Please click on the highlighted links below for more resources to educate yourself about this coming density. A good place to start is at the WA Department of Commerce and the well written resource of The Urbanist at their page. Always great reading at The Urbanist for what is happening in our City and they will continue to update on HB 1110.

City of Seattle 

Seattle needs to implement it's plan for HB 1110 by July 2025. They have a draft in place and are accepting public feedback. If you want to keep up on the progress in Seattle you can visit the One Seattle Plan page - there are dates for public comment, events you can attend and sign up on the mailing list to get all the updates. If you like reading very long documents there is a Draft Plan available. 

At this point is is too early to say what combination of denser housing Seattle will allow after July 2025 and there are certainly a lot of opinions on what would be best for our City. One thing is for sure that the density is coming. 

What Now?

My hope is that I can serve as a resource for you if you have questions on what to do with YOUR property in the near future or years down the road. Will you choose to move because this density is not the Seattle you are used to? Will you see this as an opportunity to increase wealth by developing your own property? Everyone has their own feelings about these changes and that's normal! Just have the best plan in place for YOU. 

Personally I am hatching a plan to build a triplex behind my Ballard home. My kids are in middle school and I am staying in Ballard for a while - I do love my Ballard! But I dream of a quieter place with less cars and more nature. Maybe I can one day sell the other units and keep one as a Ballard apartment? For now I am watching the townhomes multiply across the street and listening to construction noise on my porch. 

If there is anything I can research for you or you have questions about the current value of your property please reach out anytime. I have helped other homeowners who are sitting with a stack of "offers" from developers evaluate what might be the right decision when it comes to a sale, ideas of what to do with the proceeds and where to go next.

It's never to early to plan for your plan! 

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